- Cullman, Alabama

November 29, 2012

N2College Consulting to be included on national list

N2College Consulting

CULLMAN — Cullman-based N2College Consulting has been notified this week of their inclusion on the Consideration List for the 2013 cycle of the Dell Foundation's "Approved College Readiness/College Access Programs" nationally. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation sponsors the Dell Scholars Program annually, and all winners of the award must participate in a Dell Foundation Approved College Readiness/College Access Program in their community as an eligibility pre-requisite to being selected for the $20,000 award.

Companies and organizations on the 2012 Dell Readiness Program Foundation Approved Program List include Upward Bound,Upward Bound Math and Science, as well as other programs and educational entrepreneurship companies nationally representing for-profit, non-profit, public and charter school network organizations in cities such as Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. N2College is a comprehensive college access and scholarship acquisition consulting company serving families of PreK-12th grade college-bound students in all (50) states since 2005, and offering the exclusive use of the N2C "$cholar$hip Jump$tart" series of PreK-12th grade Guided Preparation E-Programs that were developed by N2C President and Founder Jill G. Howell of Cullman. The program has been in development since 1999.