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April 6, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Zeb Little to seek help for drinking problem, has no plans to step down

After being arrested Friday night for driving while intoxicated, Sen. Zeb Little (D-Cullman) sat down with The Cullman Times for his first interview since the arrest.

Below you'll find the audio from his conversation with publisher Bill Morgan, editor Derek Price, and reporters Patrick McCreless and Trent Moore.


Sen. Zeb Little admits he made a serious mistake and pledges to "do anything that is necessary to keep this from happening again."

Are you an alcoholic?

He admits he has had alcohol problems at some points in his life, but he says he also has had "long periods of sobriety."

Are you going to plead guilty?

He doesn't say what his plea will be. He says that when his court date comes up, he will "go and do whatever is the right thing."

Do you dispute anything that was in the Troopers' report?

He hasn't seen the report. He says, "I was drinking after driving, and that's wrong."

What does this mean for your political future?

He says he hasn't thought about that yet.

Has anyone called asking you to step down?

One person asked him to step down Monday morning. He reiterates that he has not thought about politics since the arrest.

Will this distraction keep you from doing your job as a senator?

Little says if he can stop drinking alcohol, he can finish his term effectively. "I'm going to fix this problem ... and the way you do that is one day at a time."

Other than saying "I'm not going to drink," do you have any immediate plans for how you'll fix this problem?

Little says he will seek help from the state bar, which has an alcohol treatment program.

Some people think your lapse in judgement calls into question your ability to serve and make good decisions in the senate. How do you respond to people who feel that way?

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