- Cullman, Alabama


CMS math teams' spring tourneys 2.jpg

Teammembers include first row, Eli Wilhite (4th Hoover, 6th GACS, 7th Berry) Nik Hartwig (12th Hoover, 2nd GACS, 8th Berry), Mallory Johnson (9th GACS), Bailee Ponder and Madison Hunkeapillar; second row, Carley Byerley (10th Hoover, 8th GACS, 10th Berry), Kathryn Shadix, Conner Burnham (15th Hoover), Mallory Harper, Kacy Burroughs and Trevor Richards (7th Hoover); third row, Cameron Cottingham (9th Hoover, 5th Berry), Ian Messersmith (9th Berry), Sam Lowery (8th Hoover), Clay Conway, Colby Hutson and Tucker Adkison; fourth row, Josh Raney, Fletcher Jennings, Dylan Yankee, Jordan Ray (3rd Hoover, 4th Berry) and Julien Chalkley (5th GACS).