- Cullman, Alabama


Immigration Alabama

In this May 15, 2013 photo, Rosemarie Chavez of Kilpatrick, Ala., stands in front of her garage where items donated for tornado relief are stored. Alabama natives rarely venture down the pothole-covered dirt roads in the area, where immigrants far outnumber the white Caucasians who dominate the rest of northeast Alabama, and Spanish-speaking residents seldom veer off the route that takes them to their jobs at nearby poultry plants. That began changing after a tornado with winds up to 125 mph ripped apart dozens of homes in March. Within hours, church members and other volunteers from outside the community showed up to help pick up the pieces, and wary immigrants found out not everyone resented them being around. People with deep family roots in Alabama discovered the Hispanics down the road were a lot like them: family folks just trying to scrape by.