- Cullman, Alabama


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NEW ORLEANS – The children of the late Rev. Harold Hermetz of Cullman returned for the first time to reunite at the church founded by their father in 1958, Atonement Lutheran-Metairie, La., for a memorial service honoring Hermetz at the 73rd annual convention of the Southern District Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). Tim Hermetz and his twin sisters, Tina Hermetz and Toni Hermetz Treadway, were born in New Orleans in 1958 and 1959 respectively. On Jan. 18, 1959, Tim Hermetz, far right, was the first baby baptized at Atonement Lutheran by his father in the church’s first official act of worship. In 1960, Tina Hermetz and Toni Hermetz Treadway were baptized by their father at Atonement Lutheran before the family moved to Cullman. They returned to Atonement Lutheran with their brothers, mother, children, nieces and nephews to participate in a memorial service honoring their father and 12 other pastors and professional church workers at the Southern District Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod’s 73rd convention. Pictured from left are Tina Hermetz, Toni Hermetz Treadway, Todd Hermetz, Myrna Hermetz and Tim Hermetz. Not pictured are Rev. and Mrs. Hermetz’s grandchildren who attended the memorial service honoring Pastor Hermetz: Michelle Heatherly of Jacksonville, Fla., triplets Grant Hermetz, Josiah Hermetz and Ali Jo Hermetz of Greenville, SC and Pastor and Mrs. Hermetz’s daughter-in-law, Christina Barton Hermetz of Greenville, SC.