- Cullman, Alabama


Clairveaux Society's inaugural dinner.jpg

Clairvaux Society Inaugural Dinner 2012, founding members are, from left, front row: Dorenda Doyle, Ginger Lyons, Rosemary Malinowski, Paul Acerra, Regina Fromhold, Dr. Albert Fromhold Jr., Abbot Cletus Meagher, Bonnie Perilloux, Roy H. Drinkard, Jack Natter, Nancy Natter, Carol Rooney and Camillus Clos; middle row: Michayla Brown, Greg Lyons, Philip Mink, Bill Malinowski, Anna Mink, Martha Warnke, Sun Menk, Nancy Budd, Peggy Dyar, Shirley Blackwelder, George Dyar, Catherine Rymer and Chris Rooney; back row: Dr. Joe Norman, Michael Natter, Susan Natter, Father Marcus Voss, Michael Menk, Ronnie Barnes, Roy Perilloux, William Halpin, William Budd, Dr. Ed Blackwelder, B.G. Fiorentino and Donald Meagher. In attendance, but not pictured: Rev. Mike Bausch, Dyron and Sonya Powell, Billy and Paige Faulk, and Jimmy Doyle.