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Germany Newpaper

This March 11, 2009 file picture shows the Axel Springer AG publishing house headquarters, in Berlin. Europeís most-read newspaper is introducing a paywall for part of its online offerings next month. Bild - Germanyís top-selling newspaper and Europeís biggest by circulation - says main news stories will remain free of charge online but a subscription will be required to view features, interviews and other exclusive content. The basic digital subscription will cost 4.99 euros ( US$6.50) per month starting June 11 and twice that for a premium version that includes the tabloid as an e-paper. The Axel Springer AG-owned newspaper will also offer readers buying a print copy, at 70 euro cents a day, a pass to its online content. The pass is unique to each reader, thanks to a new printing technique. Bildís daily print circulation is about 2.5 million, 200,000 more than Britainís The Sun.