- Cullman, Alabama


April 30, 2014

Cullman County 4-H Chick Chain project met April 19

CULLMAN — April 19 found standing room only for the Cullman County 4-H Chick Chain participants at the North Alabama Agriplex and Heritage Center. Jay Conway, Regional Extension Agent, went over the basics of raising 10 chickens from chicks to laying hens. 

The kids pick up their chickens in May and begin keeping records of what their feed, coop, and supplies cost, as well as, how many survive and what problems they encounter raising their chickens. 

In September they participate in a chicken show. The kids will show two chickens and auction them off after the show. These chickens will be near the egg laying stage by then. They choose which of their chickens are show quality chickens.  Ribbons and money will be given in several categories, including record book. 


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